truth or dare oh so dirty

You walk into (c/n)’s living room with your best friend, (f/n) and (c/n)’s friend,(c/f/n). You all sit on the ground, each of you holding a red plastic cup filled to the top with a clear liquid that (c/n) refused to give out the name of. All you knew was that it smelt like tart berries and it was something you shouldn’t be drinking at your age.

"So what are we going to do?" you ask, lifting the cup up to your lips to take a sip. The sip soon turned to a full on gulp full when you found out this stuff tasted like sugar in a cup. 

"I have the app dirty truth or dare on my phone," (f/n) winks at (c/f/n). You fake gag but stop to nod your head in approval. 

"I think we should play that," (c/n) says. You catch his eye for a second. Maybe it was the first signs of alcohol playing with your brain or it actually happened, but you were sure you saw dark lust filling his usually light (e/c) eyes.

You look over (f/n)’s shoulder and watch her enter 4 players, 2 girls, 2 guys, no limits, and then the names of us, the players into the app. She shook her phone and then watched as it generated a truth or dare from her to you.

”Truth or Dare?” She asks, raising an eyebrow. 

After thinking a second, you act like the coward you are and say truth. She sighs and clicks the truth button. 

"Ok, out of the two guys in the room, which would you rather eat you out?" She reads off the screen of her phone. You look from (c/n) to (c/f/n). Of course it’s (c/n) but wouldn’t it ruin your relationship to answer him? Eh, fuck it.

"(c/n)," you state and take a drink from your cup. He doesn’t act surprised, just kind of smirks at you. Jerk.

"Here ya go, (y/n)," (f/n) passes you her phone to shake.

You shake it in your hand and you almost spit when you see whose name shows up on the screen. (C/n). What if the dare is to kiss you or worse, (f/n)? That would be horrid! But you have to ask him. 

You fake a cool attitude,” (c/n), truth or dare?”

"Dare." Act cool. You have this., you repeat to yourself in your head. 

You click dare and almost spit once more. Faking the attitude, you say, “Your dare is to choose on of the people in the room and go down on them while the other two play,” you almost cringe as you read the end,”that way they can hear you two.” What if he chooses (f/n), you wouldn’t even be able to listen to them without crying. But you act cool and press your cup to your lips.

"I choose (y/n)." This time you really do spit.

"Come again," you choke out.

"I choose you." He repeats with a smirk. 

You clear your throat and stand up to let him, go down on you. You walk to his bedroom, knowing where it is because of the many times you had dinner at his place on a school night. As soon as you step foot in his room, he’s behind you taking off your bra. 

"God you’re sexy," he whispers and spins you around. His hands are cold from the drink he’s been holding. He takes you in before running his frozen thumbs over your nipples. They turn hard and you let out a quiet moan, not wanting the other two to hear you. He shakes his head at you and pushes you down onto the bed.

His large hands pull off your shorts and underwear. “You said you’d like to be eaten by me.. Here you go,” he whispers and goes into your heat. His nose presses into your clit, sending shock waves throughout your body. His tongue teases you before kissing your slit then diving right in. You moan out loudly. “Not loud enough babe, louder, I’ll have you screaming,” he says. You moan again quieter. “Bad girl,” he says before placing a kiss on your clit. He leans up to your lips and kisses them. You open your eyes to look at him. You notice that somehow, someway he managed to strip himself of all clothing. You feel him adjusting himself above you. You remember seeing him go down on you, then the pleasure began and you did finally scream for him.

lol bye - sydney

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