Anonymous asked: I'm too shy to talk to guys I like, let alone smile at them in a flirty sort of way. I only look at them "on accident" when I'm sure they're not looking in my direction or my eyes will wander and "oops." What if they're the same way, but you both are there thinking the other person doesn't pay attention to you at all?

I’M THE EXACT SAME WAY. DON’T WORRY. I had a crush on a guy for a little less than a year and I talked to him once. Trust me, I know, haha. 😂 But I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. :/

Are you asking how you can tell if they like you when they’re shy? If so, there are plenty of links out there that you can look up. I really like this video on it (although I’m not exactly sure why- but it is helpful!).

Or are you asking something else? If you are, please just let me know.

I’d love to help, but I’m not really sure how to, as of yet. Let me know, though! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Okay so There's this guy We've known each other since forever and I'm starting to get really strong feelings for him but idk if he feels the same way I see him almost everyday he'll always stare at me and he'll come and sit on me he's really cute and sweet and he has such a kind heart I get butterfly's just thinking about him ❤ but there's one thing he's 4years older than me 😐🙈 but age is just a number right? I hope so! But yeah I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP ME! 😬Srry it's kinda long

Please only send in questions once. Sometimes tumblr messes up or you’re not sure if you sent it, but other times it’s avoidable and you can just message us asking if we got a message about it. Chances are that we have. We just get busy sometimes, but we will get to your message eventually! (This is just for the future- for you, and for everyone else.)

I’m sorry for not answering as soon as you sent it, though. If I could, I would.

But I just answered your question here. :)

And don’t worry about how long your message is. If it’s a request, a compliment, a suggestion, a rant, a cute story, an imagine of your own, or a question/situation, we’re right here so you don’t have to apologize for how long the message is! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Okay so there's this guy we've known each other since forever and I'm starting to get really strong feelings for him but idk if he feels the same way I see him almost everyday he'll always sit there and stare at me and he'll come and just sit on me he's really cute and sweet and he has such a kind heart I get butterfly's just thinking about him ❤ but there's one thing he's 4years older than me 😐🙈 but age is just a number right? I hope so! But yeah Idk what to do PLEASE HELP ME! Thx 😘

What part of this do you need help on, exactly? ☺️ I, honestly, believe that age is just a number, myself. I know people that are 10+ years apart (in their 20s and 30s or 30s to 40s and so on) and they are absolutely happy together.

The level of maturity you and the other person have is what matters.

If you’re thirteen and mature enough to be in a relationship, go right on ahead and be in a relationship. If you’re thirty-two and you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship, don’t be in a relationship!

See? That’s based on maturity, not age. :)

If you’re twenty-eight and you’re in the same maturity level as a thirty-two year old, great! :) That four year age difference doesn’t matter. But, as soon as one of you is way more mature than the other, it becomes a problem. That has nothing to do with age, it just has to do with maturity.

A fourteen year old could be a better babysitter than a twenty-two year old. It just depends on how mature each one is.

I’ve known ten year old boys who are more mature than sixteen boys. That doesn’t really have to do with age. That has to do with the maturity level; how you’ve grown up; how, when, and where you were taught; etc.

Therefore, you have to be mature enough to be in a relationship in a quality relationship. (Of course there are more components to a relationship, but age isn’t always one that matters.)

If you guys are four years apart in age and you’re under the age of consent, it’s alright to date, but it’s illegal to do anything more than that (depending on where you are). Don’t break the law! Wait until you’re of legal age.

But if you’re both of legal age, go right on ahead and date. :)

Good luck and let me know what happens! ~ J

Anonymous asked: I really really like this guy and I did for a while. Thing is he likes this other girl and she likes him back. He said they don't want to label themselves as a couple cuz they don't want to have to break up one day then probably never talk again. So they're 'just friends' that kiss+ say 'I love you' (weird, no?)It's just so weird cuz I used to know the girl a while ago. So sorry I'm just pouring out all my feelings like this haha. It's just I know that there's nothing I can do about it...

Would you like some advice on something or did you just want to rant? Either way is completely alright, and that’s what we’re here for!

If you want to get over him, I’d suggest going to our FAQ and looking through the links under Getting Over A Crush/Ex.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m right here for you. ❤ Good luck! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Part1 Okay so my brothers friend is like 23 i'm 16. I went through a stage of liking him for a few weeks, which was kinda his fault cause he was flirting with me (stroking my leg, touching my hair, etc) and then he was like ''Oh I was never flirting with you, I've got a girlfriend'' totally made me feel like such a loser.

Part 2:

part2 So after that I stopped paying much attention to him, he still flirts with me but I just don’t pay much attention to it. Like he was joking about how we should go on a ”date” since its my 16th in a few days. Then later on in the day I lent him my phone charger and he said thank you and even kissed me on the forehead. When he’s round our house he;ll touch me in someway, like stroke my waist as he walks past. Is he just a massive flirt ? cause if so i need to get him to leave me alone

I don’t know if he’s just a massive flirt, seeing as how I’m not him/I’ve never been hit on by him/I’ve never seen nor heard of him interacting with any other girl. But seeing as how he was flirting with you when he had a girlfriend, and how he’s seven years older than you (age is just a number, of course, but you’re under 18 and he’s older, and at least here in CA, that’s illegal).

If you think that he isn’t just a flirt, then I’d say that it isn’t really a bad thing. But if he takes it too far, makes you uncomfortable, does something illegal, or is a flirt, then I’d say that you should get him to leave you alone as soon as possible.

Please let me know what happens and if you need anything else. Good luck! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Could you please search up & post the links mentioned in the previous post? xx

I’m assuming that this was your question: “How do you know if a guy likes you? xx

Of course! Sorry for replying so late, love.

There are also A LOT of videos on youtube dedicated to this question and quizzes that you can take. Really, though, you won’t know unless he tells you, himself, and proves it to you.

Good luck and let me know if you need anything! ~ J

Anonymous asked: I have a crush on a guy who completely ignores my existence. He talks to my friends, people who talk to me a lot but he's never tried conversation with me. I wouldn't even be bringing this up if I didn't think something was off, but I do. If we ever move seats in class, he starts hanging around those people- unless it's another girl then he'll talk to the boys around her. It's just proof he's ignoring me on purpose. How do I talk to him when I'm intimidated by him?

If someone’s purposefully ignoring you, I’d suggest just trying to get over him. Unless it’s obviously because he’s nervous, it isn’t a good sign (I hate to say it; I know, I’ve been there!). You deserve someone who will give you their full attention and who won’t ignore you. But that’s just my two cents.

I suggest looking through our FAQ and looking under: Talking To Them, Getting Them To Notice You, Overcoming Shyness, and/or Getting Over A Crush/Ex- whichever one(s) you feel suit you best.

If you need any more in-depth advice, please just let me know because I’d love to help! And let me know what happens. ~ J

Anonymous asked: Hey! Where can I find all of the imagines? Your account is AMAZING btw! I love it so much! You should write a book (seriously!) Thank you! Xoxo❤️

We should write a book. ;) Haha! All of our imagines are tagged under Imagines (click on the link because I don’t think that they’re actually tagged with an “s” at the end of “imagine”). We do have an imagines directory, but it hasn’t been updated in a while and with as many imagines as we have on this blog, it’s really hard to put them all there and it’s very time-consuming, so I don’t know if we’ll ever update it. But if we do, we’ll let y’all know! ~ J

browneyednature asked: At my school, I have a lot of guy friends. I'm fact, I hang out with them more than girls. I DO NOT like any of them though. The boy I like might have a crush on me, and I don't want him to think that I like my friends and not him. I don't want to flirt with him though because we are both really shy, he's popular, and I'm not sure if he likes me. I just don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP. P.s. Your account is my fav literally 🙏 you were my first follow!!

Thank you so much, oh my gosh. 😚 I’m glad you enjoy our blog.

Really, other than what I always tell people, I’d say to just not flirt with your friends, especially when he’s around because then he’ll suspect that you like your friends or you’re just a really flirty person (but still be yourself and hang out with them, talk to them, etc.- still be their friend, just try not to flirt).

And as for the rest of the stuff, look at our FAQ page under: Talking To Them, Getting Them To Notice You, and/or Overcoming Shyness.

If you need anything, please just let me know; I’d love to help! And let me know what happens, too. ~ J

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm so thankful that you run such an amazing and helpful blog 😊 keep up the excellent work!! I need some major advice.. It's alright if you don't have any advice. I understand that this is a difficult topic to deal with.. In a way. You see, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year now. He would finger me pretty often (I'm alright with it), until he used 3 fingers and broke my 'cherry'. I've been crying for 5 days.. I don't know what to do... Any advice?...

Aw, thank you so much! You’re way too kind. ❤ I’d absolutely love to give you advice, but I’m not sure which part of this you need advice on. Do you need advice on how to stop crying, how to make it stop hurting (it hasn’t happened to me yet, so I don’t know if it hurts), how to tell someone, how to get him to finger you again, or all of that or something? I’d love to help, but I’d like to know which part you need advice on first. Please just let me know! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Hi I really like this boy at my high school, we have known each other for years and he's actually my neighbor, I liked him a couple of times in the past, and he has a girlfriend but they seem distant idk what to do, can you help me?

Don’t break them up. Don’t get in between them. Don’t cheat with him on his girlfriend. Those are the three main things I can suggest.

Other than those, I’d just say that you should ask him about her/if he’s dating anyone.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t much help. Let me know if anything happens or if I can help you with anything else. ~ J

Anonymous asked: okay so I want to talk to my crush but I don't talk to him that much. how should I start a conversation? were in drama together so maybe I could say something about That? our first performance is this week. please help😭💞

First of all, good luck on your performance! I love theatre, it’s so much fun. :) I know that you’ll do great!

You should definitely ask him about drama, if that makes you more comfortable. Ask him how he’s feeling about the performance or what his favorite part of drama is or something having to do with it. Go ahead and show your inner (or outer) drama geek!

On our FAQ page, we have numerous different links. I’d suggest looking through the links under “Talking To Them,” “Getting Them To Notice You” (if he doesn’t notice you very often), and/or “Overcoming Shyness.”

Good luck, let me know what happens, and tell me if you need anything else! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Idk if my crush likes me but I think he does bc during English class he was staring at me and I saw him stare at me and he chucked and said sorry I was staring at you. And he smiled at me during pe.

This is so cute. If he’s a flirt or a really outgoing guy, as much as I hate to say it, I don’t think that it means much. But if he isn’t, then I think this could be a good indication that he likes you! ;) ~ J

Anonymous asked: How do you know if a guy likes you? xx

Honestly, there’s no surefire way of knowing unless you ask him and he tells you and proves it to you.

But there are some questions that you can ask yourself:
- Does he smile whilst talking to you?
- Does he hold eye contact with you? (If he’s shy, does it seem like he tries or does he get all fidgety?)
- What does his body language say? (Does he face toward you with his feet and/or knees?)
- Does he laugh at your jokes?
- Does he try to make you laugh/smile?
- Does he constantly try to touch you (like, your shoulder, hand, arm, or knee)?
- Does he tease you in a kind way?
- Do you catch him look at you?

You also have to go with your gut- as cliche as that sounds. If you think that he likes you, there’s a chance that he might! There are plenty of links online that can help you decipher if his actions/words mean anything (if you’d rather me search them up for you, just let me know!). And there are plenty of other ways to tell if a guy likes you or not, at least if there’s a possibility of him liking you.

But remember, as I said earlier, you won’t know until you ask him and he tells you and proves it to you.

Good luck and let me know what happens and if I can help you with anything else! ~ J

Anonymous asked: Part 1- Hi! I need advice on these two guys! So the first guy (call him a), we have been talking for a very long time and I've really liked him in that way, I just thought of us as friends, so anyways hes been through everything with me and given me all this support! My friend recently told me that he had a crush on me for a while, but got over me once I got a boyfriend, me and him broke up and my 'a' he really helped me though it!

Part 2:

Part 2- Before I found out that I liked me, I was messaging some other guy (b) and I really like him, hes good looking and great to talk to, then when my friend told me about ‘a’ liking me, I started to have second thoughts about who I like and honestly, I believe that ‘b’ likes me because of how we talk but then again, I do have feelings for ‘a’! I don’t know who to choose and both these guys are friends and I’m just confused! Can you please help?

Of course! We’re here to write imagines and to help y’all. If you need help, just let us know and we’re always here. :)

I’d usually say that you should go with the second guy because if you really liked the first guy, you wouldn’t also find a second guy that you like. But, in this case, I think that you should go with the first guy. You guys seem to have gone through more with each other and he’s stuck with you, even when you had a boyfriend.

But, really, it’s up to you. Whichever one you like more, trust more, and feel a stronger connection with is who I would suggest staying with.

Try to maintain a friendship with the one that you don’t like as much, though! Unless something happens so that it isn’t worth it.

Good luck and please let me know what happens and if you need any other help. I apologize for this advice being sucky! ~ J